Georgia in the Pines

A suburban mom terrifies an anchorwoman and shakes up a town

Roberts claims an enraged Krueger pounded on her car window. "I swear to God it scared the shit out of me," she says. "I was so sure it was going to be Hilda and so relieved that it was Kristi. Then the bitch starts dragging me out of my car. She grabbed me hard. It was like a death grip."

Tuesday, April 24: The alleged wrist-grabbing incident occurs in the school and Krueger goes back to Loe, who instigates a police investigation. Roberts later files a restraining order against Sultan. "She is obsessed with my twins, namely Kylee," Roberts wrote in the order. "Jealous and vindictive that Kylee will be on parade float... and cutting cake for Pembroke Pines birthday."

Scenes of suburban bliss for Georgia Roberts and the twins
Scenes of suburban bliss for Georgia Roberts and the twins

Wednesday, April 25: Sultan and Krueger each file restraining orders against Roberts, whose next move is to call Pines police and complain that she's received a call from the WPLG office. She plays a recorded message from a "deep, almost disguised type male voice... that pretended to be Dwight Lauderdale," according to Officer Jennifer Arguri.

"You better leave my anchor bitch alone," the voice says. The cops never got to the bottom of that one.

Playground cruelty also rears its head, as Kelsie and Alexis chant at Kylee, "Your mother is crazy, and she's about to go to jail."

After Kylee bursts into tears, a teacher makes Kelsie apologize.

Thursday, April 26: Roberts files a rambling five-page restraining order against Krueger. "I would like Kristi Krueger Templin to stop smirking in the hallway of my kids' school," she writes. "She is just another mom... My kid is a pageant winner and I like her to shine on her own, not be linked with a reporter's kid."

The order is denied by a judge, but that doesn't stop Roberts from passing copies around the school and gym. "She just wants me not to be able to have the party, that's what she wants," Krueger tells police in a sworn statement.

Friday, April 27: For Krueger, it is crucial that Roberts be stopped before Kelsie's party the following day, so Loe makes a special trip to the Pines Police Department and rushes through an arrest warrant, which is signed by Circuit Judge Marc Gold.

Pines Day, April 28: About 2 a.m., police knock on the door of Roberts' house, where Kylee's crown, sash, and red dress are out for the big parade, as are the little girl's curlers, makeup, and lip gloss. Roberts, in her Mickey Mouse shirt and Winnie the Pooh bottoms, is charged with aggravated stalking and taken to jail. "I was crying the entire time," Roberts recalls. "All night, I was in a cell with the prostitutes. Then they put me in my own cell because I was crying so hard."

At 9 a.m., she calls her husband on the jail phone. "Get Kylee to Pines Day," she orders. "Forget about my bail -- just get her to the parade!"

Kylee winds up missing the parade and the cake-cutting but makes it in time to pass on her crown. "I wasn't going to let Krueger take that away from my daughter," says Roberts, who posted $5,000 bail later that day. "But she didn't make it on that float, and that's exactly what that bitch wanted. That bitch wanted to take away my Pines Day, the only thing I cared about in this world. And she laughed about it."

Krueger's party, guarded by an off-duty policeman, goes off without a hitch.

In May, the stalking trial opened in Gold's courtroom in downtown Fort Lauderdale. While acting as her own attorney, Roberts scampered about frenetically day after day, often rolling her eyes and gesturing toward the jury box and gallery. She talked so fast that court reporters couldn't keep up, and she peppered her discourse with mundane details, products of her "photographic memory."

Like a child in class, she would stand on her tiptoes and insistently raise her hand to be called upon by Judge Gold, who would scold, "Put that hand down -- we are not in high school!" or, "Not another word from you!"

Gold found her in contempt of court three times, fined her, and sentenced her to two days in jail for her antics. But nothing would stop her defense.

It was a ridiculous spectacle but also an effective one: While making a mockery of the courtroom, Roberts mastered the case. She tore the prosecution's arguments to pieces, which wasn't that difficult considering that her star witness was Leslie Haywood, the Pembroke Pines detective who led the investigation. He testified that Loe pressured him to make the arrest though there was no probable cause. Haywood didn't believe the facts substantiated an aggravated stalking charge, which requires that there be a "credible threat" of violence.

There was also a long line of other witnesses, including city officials, school employees, and a team's worth of soccer moms, who can be surprisingly vicious. After Denise Kilanowski, a room mother at Silver Palms, testified that everyone was afraid of Roberts, the defendant objected, at which point Kilanowski said, "I'm going to get up, come over there, and you're going to get it."

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