Georgia in the Pines

A suburban mom terrifies an anchorwoman and shakes up a town

Of course, she's still at war, and not only with Krueger but also with her husband. A drunken New Year's Eve argument in 2001 landed Gary Roberts in jail on a charge of resisting arrest ("I just couldn't believe that bitch called the cops," police reported him saying as they hauled him away.) Then his wife filed for divorce. Yet both still live in the two-story suburban house and rotate use of the master bedroom by the month. "I've got this huge walk-in closet," she says. "Krueger probably doesn't even have one as big."

While Georgia says Gary is a loving father and a kind man at heart, she also blames him. "It all stems from my asshole husband -- he's my problem," she says. "If he just gave me some validation, I wouldn't seek it from other people."

She hints that her validation is now coming from an unlikely place: soccer dads.

Scenes of suburban bliss for Georgia Roberts and the twins
Scenes of suburban bliss for Georgia Roberts and the twins

"If I have a nice figure and I want to wear little shorts like Britney Spears wears, too bad," she says. "I look hot. I'm a rebel, and society doesn't rule me. I always think of the Jon Bon Jovi song" -- here she starts singing -- "'It's my life/It's now or never.' If I was ever going to stalk anybody, it would be Jon Bon Jovi."

She laughs before happily continuing:

"When I'm on the sideline of the soccer field, these fathers are looking at me and talking to me, and the mothers are giving me dirty looks. So maybe it is now my chance to be the head cheerleader from high school. I mean, some of them undress me with their eyes, but I like their company. Men are nice. I've never liked women. They are bitches."

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