Letters for October 23, 2003

The Soccer Mom from Hell

Bill Wolfe

Coral Springs

This guy knows his vowels: I would like to compliment Bob Norman on the Georgia Roberts story. I did not know all of the facts about Chicago. My reason for writing is that in the article he said that I am CEO of a financial firm. That is not correct. I am actually COO, or chief operating officer.

Neil Riddles

Via the Internet

So make it right! Bob Norman's stories about water in Pompano ("Don't Drink the Water" III and IV, August 21 and October 22) have been very informative. It sounds to me like there is a lot of fraud going on there in the water department. They need to find out who knew what and when. And if there was any criminal activity, someone needs to pay, but more likely, the taxpayers will pay, as always. Why worry about terrorists messing with the water when you have the water department? This is not right!

Eddie Gonzalez


Winning readers, losing leaders: I just wanted let Bob Norman know how fortunate we are to have someone like him truly reporting on the City of Pompano Beach. I will say that prior to this story, I had no idea what New Times was. But because of Bob Norman's outstanding reporting, he has won over many new readers. I would like to know if there will be any additional articles on this subject.

Toleiha Williamson

Pompano Beach

Dave Flaherty for Dade County manager: Regarding "Don't Drink the Water": Wow. I thought I was reading about Miami-Dade County! Thank God for those who stand up for what is right. Our South Florida motto, "Kill the messenger," is still going strong. Another amazing local government at work.

Mark Wolosz

North Miami

Just call him Andrew: Clark versus Bush: A delicious dichotomy! First, let me say that Edmund Newton sold Gen. Wesley Clark short by calling him a "minor tropical disturbance" in hurricane parlance in the September 25 edition of Tailpipe ("Four-Star Muddle")!

Political hacks like Joe Geller and the rest of the "scrum" in Broward County need to look well past left-wing New England liberals like Howard Dean if they want to beat Dubya. America will never again, in our lifetimes, elect a Howard Dean president. He's OK for me (except for his position on Israel), but a more conservative America will flush Dean down the political toilet, just as it has Eugene McCarthy, Walter Mondale, and Michael Dukakis.

If the Democrats want to win and reverse Bush's draconian plans for America's future, they need to stop bitching about Clark's "early organization" and get behind him, because only Clark of all the Demo candidates can beat Bush. The right-wing fascist media talk hosts must really fear Clark, because they have already begun bashing him on the airwaves.

It would be a delicious dichotomy to see, after the smoke has cleared, a national guardsman who was AWOL for at least a year while a war raged in Vietnam (Bush) debate Clark, a four-star general who graduated number one in his class at West Point -- and who also happens to be a Rhodes Scholar. Who would you rather see as your commander in chief?

In closing, if Clark is a "minor tropical disturbance," then George Bush must be nothing more than a puff of hot air passing by. Or, more likely, a lukewarm fart.

Harvey Slavin


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