Mary Scary

Porn star returns home after political run, and it's nothin' but glass

Fighting in the political arena was nothing compared to what she's going to take on next, Carey says. The porn studio that produced her movies put up $15,000 for her campaign, she says, and it's something that's become as contentious as a Viagra shortage in Hollywood. Because they made an investment in her political venture, the company wants her to fork over the $21,200 she made for winning a Game Show Network face-off among the lesser-known candidates. Besides, she already wants to go after the porn studio for contract negotiations. "You know how much my movies are worth now?" she asks, flicking her cigarette again. "I mean, I was the smartest person in the porn industry, and that's why I ran for office. But I should've gotten a better deal on those movies. I'm not making anything off them now -- can you believe it?"

With the dollar bills thrown on-stage and the money she makes selling her movies after shows, Carey pulls in about $200 every performance, or $800 a day. The club pays her a flat fee and puts her up in an apartment above the stage. In a given week, she can make a few thousand for performing. Like anyone from Hollywood, though, what she really wants to do is direct. "You have to think long-term, you know? You can't do porn forever."

Carey's got a few close friends from her days at Pine Crest Preparatory School in Fort Lauderdale (Class of '98), but mostly she tries to avoid people from her past. "I was in New York one night and I got together with some of those people from high school. I was supposed to see, you know, like, three of them and like 20 or 30 people showed up. It was stupid. They were totally kissing my ass. Do you know what it's like to have your ass kissed all the time? No, I guess you don't. Oh, that was mean."

"Oh my God -- it's Mary Carey doggy-style."
Jason Nuttle
"Oh my God -- it's Mary Carey doggy-style."

She says she has no family. The grandparents who raised her have died, as did her dad. Her mom's an invalid, she says. "I'm gonna try to see her while I'm here, actually. I should go see her, don't you think?"

As for Pine Crest, Carey knows it doesn't want a porn star alumna hanging around. "I'd like to go see my old high school, but I'd better not," she says, finally burying her cigarette in the ashtray. "But you know what? I think my old ballet teacher would shoot me."

Carey's show wrapped up in West Palm on Saturday, but she takes her porn star-turned-politician-turned-stripper act on the road this week. She performs at Alex's in Stoughton, Massachusetts, through Saturday. Practice your bank shot.

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