Letters for November 13, 2003

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She has even more to say: In regard to "Georgia Got a Gun," October 9, and "Georgia in the Pines," October 16, by Bob Norman -- as well as two follow-up letters from her friends Kim Christensen and Renee Lerch:

Kristi Krueger cannot keep her story straight unless she's reading it from a TV teleprompter. A lie detector test administered by an impartial party, such as a polygrapher recommended by Bob Norman, would give Krueger's friends a rude awakening: Krueger is a liar. Shame on her! I would bet my twins' lives that Krueger would fail the polygraph on the substantive material facts. I have never ever been at Publix grocery store with Krueger; there was no arm-grabbing battery attack in the school hallway. I'd bet my life on it. I am that sure!

As for Lerch, if she was at the trial every day, she of all people watched with her own eyes Krueger's inconsistent testimony and the impeachment of countless state's witnesses. She is an actual eyewitness to the fact that Krueger could not substantiate any germane material facts as to aggravated stalking.

The jury rejected Krueger's testimony: They did not believe I was a threat. Nor did the fact that Krueger hired an armed policeman to guard her daug-hter's birthday party sway the jury. They heard too many lies from her.

Wake up, ladies! Your friend Kristi has been taking you for a blind-faith ride! I feel sorry for Kristi's husband, Todd; he's been taken on the most deceptive "ride" of all.

I will prevail at misdemeanor trial number two just as I did at felony trial number one because I have the truth on my side, and Rene and Kim cannot change that. This time, I will be prosecuting Kristi Krueger's lies, and a second jury will again concur that these are trumped-up, jazzed-up, embellished stalking scenarios.

My children are innocent victims in this mess -- I do not enjoy being on the front page of a news magazine holding a shotgun and a tiara. That's obscene and repugnant publicity, and it's tainting my jury pool for trial number two. The last thing in the world I want is publicity as an alleged stalker.

Georgia Roberts


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