Anarchy in a Briefcase

Radicals plan to flood Republicans with mice, locusts, and chicanery

The group doesn't believe in technology or any form of government. It has a website, but members hand-write fliers and signs. They are skeptical of new members but accepted this reporter after he took part in the hair-cutting procedure.

Many of the anarchists slept at the former restaurant building in hammocks and on old mattresses. It wasn't clear whether they had rented the location or were squatting; the building had no power or running water. Redolent with the musty smell of rat cages and filled with buzzing from the hordes of locusts, the atmosphere was sometimes overwhelming. One boy, who looked like a teenage runaway, promised that the plans would be carried out carefully. "Michael has thought of everything, and really there's nothing that can go wrong," he said. "Do you have any idea what kind of chaos this is going to start?"

Like many members of the group, he boasted that he had obtained credentials directly from conference organizers. He pulled from his pocket a pass that included his photo and claimed he was Ed Camacho, commissioner of public safety for Republican Gov. Juan Nekai Babauta of the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. One woman in her late 60s sported credentials claiming to be Nancy Murkowski, wife of Alaska Gov. Frank H. Murkowski. Three other members had press passes with their pictures and the names of Sun-Sentinel reporter Noaki Schwartz, Palm Beach Post writer Susan Salisbury, and Miami Herald contributor Daniel A. Ricker.

"We shall overcome."
Colby Katz
"We shall overcome."

Late in the day on November 17, the group held its last meeting before the protest was to begin. During his speech, Bakunin warned that many would likely be arrested and jailed. "Remember, even if you're in jail, that we must fight the oppression of a government that has no contract with its people," he told the group. "We will not stop until the world's people are free or we are in jail to stay."

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