Change of Venu

Electrical issues arise, and fans get short-circuited

"[Venu] was dead," he continues, "but there were still some leftover fans from the nonshow around. We met them all and invited them out with us to the next bar, the Elbo Room. We all had a good time at the bar, and it was fun to see the fans and the band just hanging out."

For some of the 20 or so folks who made the trek with the band (which hired a couple of cabs to shuttle the black-clad posse to the beach), a good time was indeed had by all. But, ultimately, the scene casts a stain on the South Florida club circuit's reputation. And in case you haven't turned on a light and taken a good look at that reputation lately, it's pretty nappy in places.

"They could have played anywhere else -- that's what kinda ticks me off," says Justin Howell, who hung out with KMFDM that evening. "People would've paid $20 to go see 'em at the Culture Room.

"It was a fiasco," Howell continues, "but still, it turned into a fun thing." Howell buddied up with a well-lubricated Konietzko at the Elbo Room. "He was... uh... he was really drunk. He was pretty tanked. I guess I would be too. There was nothing else to do."

Howell's still pissed. He perceives Venu as another example of South Florida's proving to be an unworthy destination for those touring acts that are already weighing the pros and cons of journeying here. "And that equals the music scene sucking and everybody trapped in this crapola," he complains. "I'm sorry to use the word -- I know it's a cliché -- but there's no hip place to go."

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