Going Platinum

Into West Palm Beach's harrowing heart of darkness

Platinum Bitch is the alter ego of Timothy Lazlo Sandor, a 29-year-old West Palm Beach-based musician who works at a drug treatment center. The 12 songs contained here, recorded at home with not much more than an acoustic guitar and a drum machine, create a mood that's unsettling and more than a little scary -- like being made to walk the plank over icy, uncharted waters. Sandor's voice alternates between pained whisper and painful caterwaul but is never less than chilling. The disc's best moments -- "You Can't Say I Never Warned You," with its detached, deathbed darkness; and the musicbox beauty of "Rose Colored Rear View Mirror" and its lovely guitar picking -- manage to sound forbidding and welcoming at the same time, creating an odd but beautiful frisson. Alone in his bedroom at night, recording these lonesome songs onto his computer, the peripatetic Sandor apparently doesn't have anyone around forcing him to walk a straight line. His music is all the more memorable because of it. (putaplatina@hotmail.com)
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