Letters for December 11, 2003

Blink and your accused

Liam McKay

Pompano Beach

And stay away from sharp blades, too: I just read Wyatt Olson's November 27 article, "United States of Jesus," and found it very interesting. It seems to me that all the preachers and politicians mentioned in the piece are determined to turn this country into some sort of dictatorship, where people have to be constantly afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing.

They want to impose Christian beliefs on all of us and make non-believers suffer if they do not conform. These people hide behind the Bible their bigotry and narrow-mindedness and FEAR things and people who are different from them. They say they are practicing the word of God. Seems to me they are practicing and trying to impose a doctrine of hate in this country. God taught us not to hate, but to love. How can executing homosexuals and mentally retarded people be construed as love? It can't.

These radical Christians and their so-called leaders have to remember one thing: The devil can take on a pleasing form. We should all be aware of that before we pick up the sword in the name of someone who pretends to know God.

Phyllis Hunt

West Palm Beach

You don't know news. He knows news.: So the New Times invents a reporter who writes an untrue story, based in part on a fake website created by the invented reporter ("Anarchy in a Briefcase," Greg O'Shube, November 20). The New Times publishes this untrue story as if it were true. Then the New Times makes fun of local reporters and police for taking the New Times seriously enough to make a few curious calls about the untrue story ("Our Own Smarty-Pants," Greg O'Shube, November 27).

No worries -- if anyone believed any stories published by the New Times before you pulled this dumb prank, nobody will again. How sad that you can't break some real news in your town. But that would require real reporters, of which you apparently have none.

John Cheves

Lexington Herald-Leader

But don't forget the drinks: Jen Karentick's November 20 article, "Michelangelo's Pizza," made my mouth water. I've been to Anthony's a number of times and totally enjoyed each selection that we ordered. I just wanted to add two thing your article did not point out: the ample wine list and bar "waiting area." Both are welcome additions to complement a casual dining experience.

Bon appetit!

Mort Esan


Loria's looking a lot like Wayne: Tristram Korten's "Power to the Pudge!" (October 23) was quite simply the best outside-the-box thinking I have read in a very long time. Every last one of his People's Pudge Fund suggestions would work: court-ordered ticket purchases, a Miccosukee casino partnership, tax surcharges on Hummers, federal asset-seizure participation, hip-hop subsidies, Ecstasy bulk-sales taxes, and market-specific fundraisers.

It's a shame we can't get the powers that be to use their heads so creatively. Thanks for the G.E.N.I.U.S. piece.

Ralph Wakefield

Miami Springs

Editor's Note: Sadly, nobody took us up on Korten's proposal. Adios, Pudge...last in a line of great emigrés.

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