Letters for December 25, 2003

Pipe Bomb

 Get outta town: I enjoyed reading Bob Norman's December 18 article about the continuing saga of water problems in Pompano ("Don't Drink the Water, Seriously"). Over the last year, I had been experiencing problems with pipes that were failing both inside and outside my home. At first, I thought it was because the plumbing was old, so it was all failing at the same time. Then, plumbing in a new section of our home started to fail. I have seen this with the old pipes and with the newer PVC connections.

I can't help but wonder if the corrosive water is responsible for this and if others are experiencing the same problems. If I am paying $8,500 a year in property taxes, can't send my kids to the public school, can't drink the water, and now have to pay to replace my pipes, what am I doing living in Pompano?

Neal Kenny

Pompano Beach

A dildo is a fruit from Brazil: This is in response to the blurb about Hilary Duff in the December 11 Night & Day: As to Hilary "rebelling" against Disney, her album is on Disney's record label. As for a 35-year-old man writing her songs, that's not quite right -- some were written by her 18-year-old sister, Haylie, others by Kara DioGuardi and Meredith Brooks.

The comment about the dildos? Very bad taste. It's really a shame that self-proclaimed elitists must smack down anything they consider subpar by their ridiculous standards. Here's a girl who has had a top-ten album for 17 weeks (one of the longest runs in Billboard's top ten this year, if not the longest), a hit TV show, several movies under her belt, and much more success to come. Though her clothing choices have "grown up" a little, just as she has (hey, she's not 13 anymore), she certainly dresses age-appropriately.

Furthermore, no one should be writing about a 16-year-old girl writhing around in a pool of dildos, no matter how jealous or failed that free rag author is. This is especially true considering that a lot of pre- and teenage girls will be reading this review in anticipation of seeing their idol in concert (for many of them, this will probably be their first concert). How many parents have had to explain what dildos are to their 13-year-old daughters this week?

Shame on all of you.

Rob Shapiro


Friend of a cop killer: In regard to "In the Blink of an Eye," December 4, by Eric Barton, the facts of the situation are the following: Mr. Perez and Ms. Ortiz have a history of disregard for the law since both drove an unlicensed and unregistered vehicle, and she drove without possessing a valid license. Mr. Perez and Ms. Ortiz are raising their children to have a similar disregard for the law. If Ms. Ortiz had not been driving illegally, Mr. Morash would not have died upon impact with Mr. Perez' vehicle.

Driving is a privilege in the United States, not a right. Each driver must demonstrate knowledge and skills to receive a license for the privilege of driving. Ms. Ortiz has the right to pursue obtaining a license regardless of her husband's wishes. Motorized vehicles such as cars, trucks, and motorcycles are lethal weapons (i.e., 2,500 pounds versus 180 pounds). Ms. Ortiz used a lethal weapon with complete disregard, since she knew her action was illegal.

Whether Ms. Ortiz is a mother is irrelevant to the situation. Bearing children does not place her above the law. Furthermore, a diet of chicken, fries, and soda will harm her children's health, since fried foods are loaded with trans fatty acids and sugary sodas deplete the brain of nutrients. Mr. Morash was driving over the speed limit, but it was unclear by how much. It is a rare person who actually drives within the speed limit in Palm Beach County (where I do most of my driving). I would like to peruse the report written on the collision. The best way to get people to take responsibility for their actions is to enforce accountability. There must be meaningful consequences to actions that hurt others.

This is an opportunity. Ms. Ortiz should be found guilty of manslaughter, made to serve time, and lose her children. Since she chose not to walk the two blocks, a few years in prison will teach her to walk everywhere she goes. Also, she should never be allowed to obtain a license to drive in the United States or its territories... but that would not deter her!

We live in a society where no one wants to take responsibility; it is easier to place blame. Blame is the dark side of responsibility. We each have a share in responsibility. Mr. Morash did his part to benefit society. Let Ms. Ortiz do her part in prison, where she can read and perhaps learn about parenting and driving responsibilities.

If Mr. Perez and Ms. Ortiz do not want to be licensed drivers, let them write to their elected representatives about changing the laws. Finally, Mr. Barton's storytelling was biased toward Ms. Ortiz rather than being impartial. Please develop an objective focus.

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