Letters for December 25, 2003

Pipe Bomb


Boynton Beach

The show is tops: I'd like to thank Michael Mills for his review of the "Underwater World Museum Show," in the December 4 issue of New Times ("Diving for Dreams"). The coverage is much appreciated. His insightful and straightforward approach to seeing the artwork and conveying its effect makes for strong writing and great reading. I know Linda Irwin at the IGFA museum was pleased with his visit. Tamekane will be happy that his work is appreciated, and I will make sure he gets a copy of the article.

William Bock

The Art & Frame Shop

Via the Internet

Trying to impose her lefty crapola: In his November 27 article, "The United States of Jesus," Wyatt Olson wrote: "Supporters of the movement have never seemed more hopeful of realizing its goal, which is nothing short of establishing a Christian theocracy in the nation's courts, schools, state legislatures, Congress, and the White House." The Framers drew up our founding documents based upon the "biblical worldview." Ours was never a "theocracy" (direct rule by God) by any stretch of the imagination.

Governments of men that hold the biblical worldview are the only ones that will be willing to recognize the fact that all men are created equal and that their rights come from God and must be protected and defended. Included in those rights is the right to worship as one pleases (freedom of religion). To guarantee those rights, our Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc., was specifically and carefully drawn up by our Reformed (Calvinist) Framers (who did not believe that people are "basically good") to stand in the way of any tyrannical mentality who would attempt to grab the reins of absolute power so as to be able to enforce his religious beliefs -- from Christianity to atheism and everything in between -- on others.

Olson may be one of the uninformed, foolish supporters of those who want to call our Constitution a changeable "living document." He evidences his ignorance by the fear he expresses that the Christian Right might take over the country and try to make our government into a "theocracy" (ruled by God) -- something it never was in the first place. He seems not to know that as long as our Constitution is upheld and interpreted according to its original intent, our Framers made sure that neither he, nor anyone else, has anything to fear from tyrannical government of whatever sort it is.

Or maybe he does understand, because, of course, the Constitution also stands in the way of certain tyrannical mentalities on the religious left that he no doubt supports; power-hungry, controlling people like Hillary Clinton -- people who have spent all of their lives trying to undermine both the Constitution and the rule of law that undergirds it, so that they will have a free rein to enforce their emotionally/spiritually immature "utopia on earth" religious beliefs on the rest of us.

Janice Matchett


Fast-flowing river: Regarding Susan Eastman's November 20 story on South Middle River and Ann Sparks: She did a wonderful job of capturing the flavor and spirit of our fast-changing area. Congrats!

Doug Blevins

South Middle River Civic Association Consultant

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Open the dam: Thank you for giving SMRCA some attention regarding this very hot issue of budget cuts and needed police presence in our community.

Tony Pinto

South Middle River Civic Association

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