Letters for January 1, 2004

Keep on pumpin'

Gloria Pierce


Weinberg versus Weinberg: I was glad that Jeff Stratton gave some attention to the "clash of the Bob Weinbergs." Bob the writer is a great guy, and Stratton did a great job of defending him. I have never met the other Bob Weinberg, but I think I know the type. He comes across sounding like another loud, annoying white boy who knows nothing. Bob the scribe didn't deserve to get slapped in the face like that, and he is handling it like a gentleman. As Stratton said, this is a rare quality. Hopefully, City Link Bob's courteous manner will win out over the slovenly behavior of his most unfortunate name-twin.

Robert Klein

Pompano Beach

What really caused that accident? In reply to Charles Miller's letter to the editor in the December 11 New Times, he said he tried to keep an open mind while reading Eric Alan Barton's December 4 article, "The Blink of an Eye." Well, to truly keep an open mind in this case, Mr. Miller needs to turn left from Roseland onto Dixie Highway; then, and only then, can he honestly say he has an objective point of view in this case.

For the record, I am president of Antique Row Association, and I own an antiques store across the street from the fatal intersection. I have turned left off of Roseland onto Dixie Highway. I do have children, but I can assure Mr. Miller that when I have to make that dangerous left turn, my children are never the issue.

Let's examine this intersection. To make that left turn, one has to proceed into oncoming traffic to even begin to see if it is safe to cross; therefore, your car is already in an unsafe position to proceed. So, let's begin with the fact that this could have easily happened to Mr. Miller. Let's assume that he has a valid drivers license, a registered vehicle, insurance, and children and he is about to make this dangerous left turn. He proceeds onto Dixie to see if it is safe. It's already too late: Officer Morash fatally hits his car. Is this any more or less tragic? My point being, this could have happened to any one of us, but it happened to Sonia Ortiz.

Let me also state that Ortiz did commit a crime and should not have been driving, but this did not cause the accident. The lack of a traffic light at this intersection did.

Tracy Coffey

West Palm Beach

Leave the kids out of it: In response to Mr. Charles Miller's letter to the editor in the December 11 issue of New Times, let me first say that I feel for Officer Morash's family and that this was truly a very tragic accident. But from reading "The Blink of an Eye" and other articles and letters about this accident, it sounds as if this intersection were truly an accident waiting to happen.

From reading the article and reviewing the graphic illustration shown in the October 18 issue of the Palm Beach Post, it would seem that Officer Morash was not only speeding on Dixie Highway but he was also weaving in an out of traffic with no sirens and no lights. Anyone who rides a motorcycle will tell you that if you decide to do this, anything that happens after that is your fault. Motorcyclists have to ride extra defensively, as motorists simply cannot see them in most cases.

This begs the question, if this were not a police officer, would this have been chalked up as another careless motorcyclist? We have all seen our fair share of police vehicles dangerously speeding up and down our streets with no sirens and lights. Officer Morash, if responding to a call, should have had his siren and lights on. This may have saved his life or at the very least increased his chances. This has nothing to do with "all those damn kids."

Marcus de Souza

Fort Lauderdale

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