Living in the Ice Age

Discovering Mastodon's North American metal heroics

Dailor harbors only fond memories of his time in Today Is the Day -- such as doing mushrooms with Napalm Death and making friends with members of Neurosis and Voivod -- and is happy to report that he and TITD leader Steve Austin are once again on good terms.

Last of a dying breed: The mean metal men of Mastodon
Last of a dying breed: The mean metal men of Mastodon


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"It was one of the best times of my life," Dailor says. "It was the first time I'd seen Europe. Steve, I think, has been rockin' for a long time, and I think that a lot of things got to him. Everything was really new and fresh and exciting for me. At the time, he had been on tour for ten years. All is well with that because we played a show with Today Is the Day recently, at the New Jersey Metalfest, and I got to talk to Steve for the first time in four or five years. We shared a couple of cups of whiskey and kind of buried the hatchet on the whole thing. I said, 'I don't wanna talk about bands or anything. I don't wanna talk about the past. I just wanna be like 'How's your wife? How's your kid? How's your mom? How's your life?' There's no bad blood between us at all."

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