Letters for February 12, 2004

We Double Dare Ya!

If Edie were to learn one thing about Bruce's faith, it should be "forgiveness."

Susanne Browning

Pompano Beach

Eh, um, I mean, huh: As a Canadian who is not from Quebec and who found his way to South Florida long before the Québecois, I take exception to some of your observations in the Night & Day section of January 29 regarding Canada Fest 2004, but in a no-more-seriously vein than that in which the article was written ("Eh?").

A great number of those Americans living in that part of North America referred to as the United States are humorously entertained by the French/Canadian expression "Eh?," which, as I understand it, means the same as the American expression, "Huh?" You should enlighten those of your readers who don't know: There are other Canadians besides those from Quebec.

Don Galbraith


She hands it off to the Springs Guild: I am sending this letter in response to Michael Mills' January 29 article, "Art Is Where You Find It." It is of concern to me that Mr. Mills described "ArtServe's slapped-together group show" and "the apparent lack of attention to detail with which it has been put together" before adding, "Couldn't someone from ArtServe have made a quick call to confirm before printing the cards?" For the record, ArtServe was not responsible for any of these issues. To my knowledge, he never called or asked ArtServe staff for information on the arrangements for the current show. I am requesting a retraction correcting these issues.

Throughout the year, our gallery is used to produce individual, member-only exhibits, and at times, the gallery is leased to other organizations to allow them to showcase their members' artwork. When the gallery is leased to a member organization, a contract is established outlining responsibilities for intake, signage, tags, judging, awards, opening reception, program information, lighting and hanging, etc. ArtServe's member, the Coral Springs Artist Guild, is under contract and produced the current show in our gallery.

As executive director of ArtServe, I work hard to provide quality programs that support our mission. With the constant support of the board of directors and a dedicated professional staff, we provide resources, training, facilities, and programs that support emerging and established artists as well as cultural organizations. We are a nonprofit organization and are in no way in competition with local for-profit galleries. ArtServe is proud of and thankful for our facility and our partnership with both the Broward County Libraries Division and the Broward cultural division.

We welcome the press to our location and are willing to answer any questions, assist with introducing artists or judges, and provide accurate information to the media. One of our goals is to promote local artists. A media partnership is a wonderful venue to accomplish that goal.

Maureen Kohler

Executive Director, ArtServe

Fort Lauderdale

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