Drunk Side of the Moon

Backing into a great tradition

It dawned on me, "I get it. I should have known that. I've never done that, though, so..."

"Not yet," the condom-capped oldster replied.

Victor added, "But don't ever do it unless it's the best."

Christopher Smith

Oldster cut in, "You don't know anything about the best. They got the best over there across the street in the jail."

The smirking bartender, Matt, was framed by the window, and I headed over to ask him about mooning Queen. "It's been going on for ten years," he replied, "but we got sued about three years ago by a woman on the boat, so we stopped for a long time."

Now, the laid-back bar is baring 'em again, every Wednesday night, like the pacemaker that's keeping the fast-fading, fuck-all ethos of this city alive.

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