Letters for , March 4, 2004

Saint Mel

The teacher, shaken by his statement, hurriedly set the other children to working on their coloring books. Taking Johnny aside, she asked, "Who is your father?" "George Bush," he replied.

Tom Matthews

Fort Lauderdale

Save her from the hit man: Congratulations to Bob Norman for having the guts and balls to do what he did: expose those crooks. ("Deliver Us II," February 5). I am a 20-year employee of the North Broward Hospital District and am not shocked at all that the district is robbing us. I am a nurse in an area that is going to be affected by the change in census that this mess is going to create. Hopefully no one will lose their job; nurses are always the ones to pay for financial messes.

I also found it quite interesting that the only rebuttal Wil Trower could come up with was that Norman violated privacy laws; sounds like a guilty man to me. Keep up the good work. Please don't disclose any personal information about me. You know, they could get a hit man after me!!

Name withheld by Request

Via the Internet

An unholy mess: I recently read the restaurant review by Lee Klein in the January 29 issue of New Times about Chez Laurent ("Chez Blasé"). It was one of the most unfair critiques I have ever seen.

My husband and I have had dinner there frequently since it opened, and we have never had a bad meal. We have always found the food and service excellent. We have often ordered the coq-au-vin, New York strip steak, duck breast, and other entrées and always found them delicious. The accompanying vegetables were perfectly cooked and hot. The sauces were expertly made reductions that had obviously taken time and expertise.

We enjoyed the scallops and chocolate espresso cake so much we wrote to Suzanne Jones, who authors the "You Asked for It" feature in the food section of the Sun-Sentinel to see if chef Laurent Altvatter would share the recipes. He graciously did, and they were featured in one of her articles last year.

Chef Laurent has a saying: "Fast food isn't good and good food isn't fast." When food is cooked to order, it takes longer than at a burger joint. If Mr. Klein wants speed in getting his meal he should go back to a Denny's or Wendy's type of restaurant. Lee Klein mentioned "fake flowers" but there are fresh, lovely roses on every table daily. What he called "mismatched busily patterned table lines," are four distinct, authentic, expensive fabrics made in and imported from Provence, France.

Mr. Klein seemed upset because he was asked if he had a reservation when he entered. The hostess told me there is a good reason to ask this logical question even if some tables are empty. They check the names off the reservation list when people arrive. Or if customers request a special table, she can direct them to the correct one.

Mr. Klein's opinions are completely opposite from ours and our friends' who dine there regularly. We and many others love Chez Laurent, and that is why we keep going back so often.

Audrey Van Becelaere

Lauderdale by the Sea

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