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WED 24

Swing by to see the art of Arnold Roth.
Swing by to see the art of Arnold Roth.

If you were to judge from the testimonials on, you'd think Broward County was just a cesspool of "skinhead gang members" and "big, very drunk" guys waiting to attack you outside of every 7-Eleven. We know that's not, in fact, the case (lots of gang members have quite lovely hairstyles, and the attackers outside 7-Eleven don't drink; they smoke crack). However, should some bad guys ever ambush you to steal your pipin'-hot Cheez Whiz and nachos and you find your vulnerable self without a can of whoop-ass to open, you might wish you'd trained at Bushido Knights Ryu Academy of Martial Arts (221 W. Hallandale Beach Blvd., Hallandale Beach). Every week, the school offers free classes in American combat karate -- a martial arts form that combines elements of kickboxing, karate, aiki-jitsu, and kali. One such class starts tonight. Call 954-455-1005.

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