Hammer Time

What would Saddam do? Congressman Clay Shaw contemplates Iraq.

Then it came to me: lynchings. On the Internet, I found the precise photograph I was flashing on, that of a 17-year-old black youth named Jesse Washington, who was killed by a Waco mob in 1916. The boy was coated in coal oil and slowly lowered into a bonfire. While the crowd cheered, his fingers and toes were cut off for souvenirs. His burned, almost legless corpse was strung up on a pole as proud townsfolk posed for pictures.

The power of such images is eternal, but you wouldn't know it if you rely on the Sun-Sentinel, where the editors decided not to run any of the graphic pictures from Iraq. We should expect such a spineless move from the Sentinel, which remains stubbornly mediocre as it grows into one of the largest newspapers in the country. The Miami Herald and the Palm Beach Post rightfully published photos that revealed the horror of the situation. When asked about his decision by the Associated Press, Earl Maucker, the Sentinel editor, said it was a "tough one."

Censored by the Sentinel
AP/World Wide
Censored by the Sentinel

So naturally he took the easy way out -- and robbed readers of the ugly truth.

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