Letters for April 08, 2004

Republican Speak

Tracey Kenyon

Fort Lauderdale

Discover us, Bill Keller: I read with personal interest Bob Norman's article "Cardiac Cronies" in the March 18 issue of New Times. I commend him for bringing this shameful travesty to the attention of the general public. Those of us in the medical community have been too aware of it for a long time.

As a fellow physician, I am embarrassed by the greed of the subjects of the article. They make the rest of us look very bad, especially at a time when the public already questions its trust in our noble profession. Most of us work extremely hard to earn but a small fraction of these individuals' lucrative, tax-supported salaries.

As a taxpaying citizen of Broward County for the past 23 years, I am irate at the politics and bureaucracy that allow this unnecessary waste of public money to continue.

Since we appear to be impotent to stop the process, perhaps we can shame the perpetrators by exposing them to a wider audience. I suggest that you find a national forum for this excellent investigative work. One of the many television news magazines (20/20, 48 Hours, etc.) may be interested, or perhaps a widely read and reputable publication like the Wall Street Journal? I believe the subject has a universal appeal. A great article.

C. Roberto Palma, M.D.

Fort Lauderdale

Discover us, Joe Scott: My name can't be used for fear of being fired. The NBHD is running a huge business with slave-wage-paid employees, while the doctors, commissioners, lawyers, land developers, fall guys, and the governor get rich.

We have seen this happen before with clothes manufacturers. I'm tired of hearing, "Attention all employees... there will be java with Joe [Scott, CEO of Broward General] today, and all are invited to have java with Joe." So what is he telling us? Nothing! I'd like to hear, "All the employees are getting a 15 percent raise for all their hard work and commitment." But we know that will never happen. All of the money has to go to the rich to make them richer.

Name withheld by request

Via the Internet

We're eternally grateful for your babble: Congratulations to New Times for its willingness to publish letters to the editor, whether they be critical or in praise of your publication. Too many of our newspapers, despite their calls for letters to the editor, do not print their letters or print but one (maybe!). They load up with professional opinion pieces that reflect but one side of an adversarial situation and refuse to publish letters to the contrary. Do continue your open forum for public debate.

Leo Shatin, Ph.D

Boca Raton

New Times columnist Bob Norman has been named a finalist in the 2003 Investigative Reporters and Editors Awards for his series about lies and mismanagement at the Pompano Beach water department. The prize ranks Norman's series among the top five in the nation in a weekly newspaper. The winner in the category was Julie Jargon, a writer for Westword, our sister paper in Denver.

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