Late-night Confession

What exactly did the mayor say to the commissioner at City Hall?

Valentine-Silberberg served on the board last year but didn't run for re-election in order to stay out of the fray.

Most of the group's members filed ballots via e-mail before the picnic, so the rebellion came and went peacefully. Instead, the two sides strummed guitars in Easterlin Park and shared a potluck.

The board, now full of the rebel-supported officers, will try to put the controversy behind it, says lawyer Steve Glickstein, the new treasurer. Ruden McClosky has already been told to stop spending its money, and the club will likely offer Greenberg an apology in hopes of ending the suit. "Peacemaking is what's going on here," Greenberg says. "Everyone is looking forward to making peace."

Tim shows us how it's done.
Tim shows us how it's done.

Ah, finally, folkies acting like folkies again.

-- As told to Edmund Newton

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