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WED 12

Get off the tracks!  

The D-Train's a-comin'!
Dennis Bancrott
Get off the tracks!

The D-Train's a-comin'!

The moody one is back. Yep, Steven Morrissey -- godfather of gloom, master of melancholy, saint of solemnity -- is releasing a new album this month, You Are the Quarry. While the disc doesn't hit stores till May 18, you can get a preview of it at a "Morrissey Listening Party," hosted by the Lounge (517 Clematis St., West Palm Beach). It's been four years since the former Smiths front man put out an album, and although he's getting up there in years, he hasn't lost any of the passion that marked his earlier work. The first single off the album, "Irish Blood English Heart," is a bold, idealistic plea that dreams "of a time when the English are sick to death of Labour and Tories." Yes, the Brits have the same problems we do; they just use different terms. The brooding starts at 9 p.m. Admission is free. Call 561-655-9747.

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