Letters May 6-12, 2004

Save 'em from slaughter; end the travesty:

Fred Mascaro, candidate for sheriff of Palm Beach County

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Unless there's prosecution: I'd like to thank Bob Norman for his article "Ooh, That Smell," (April 15). For once, we get the truth. I appreciate his accuracy. I am afraid we are in for four more nasty years in Hollywood. Thank you for your contribution.

Betty Priscak


Unless? Shit. Until! I read the article written by Bob Norman about the sewage situation in Hollywood and am aghast. This issue needs to be brought before the commission again and thought out in an honest and fair manner. I implore the city to follow the bidding process and pick Florida-N-Viro.

I agree with Norman that the situation calls for a criminal investigation, preferably by a statewide prosecutor or the feds. I am quite disappointed by the way this was handled and expect much more from our elected officials.

Kate Obloy

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FEC tracks would make it even better: I am disappointed in what I believe is a gross mischaracterization of the Tri-Rail system. ("Next Stop, Nowhere," April 15) From the outset of the article, Tri-Rail is placed in a negative light. Rather than writing about the abhorrent traffic conditions in South Florida, New Times chose to publish a story about public transportation and why it isn't working.

I don't work for Tri-Rail, nor have I been asked to write this piece, but I do ride Tri-Rail every day. Yes, there are delays as the construction of the second track continues, and, yes, it is along the I-95 corridor rather than U.S. 1, but it is a system that should be embraced rather than stomped upon.

I, more than anyone, will be pleased when Tri-Rail runs along the FEC tracks shortly (at least, I hope it happens shortly), as I live closer to the FEC tracks in Miami and work closer to the FEC tracks in West Palm Beach. Still, with more than 10,000 riders per day, that's 10,000 fewer drivers, 10,000 fewer chances for accidents, 10,000 fewer insurance claims, 10,000 fewer headaches on the road.

When you are considering publishing a critical piece, consider dealing with the pros and the cons. And most important, solutions. Abstract criticism solves nothing but creates more problems. Will professionals like me embrace Tri-Rail? Sure, but it will take time -- and the FEC tracks.

Gene Davis

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About the good congressman? Bob Norman's April 8 column, "Hammer Time," is a very important, well-written article. As a Floridian now, I have long been ashamed of Republican U.S. Rep Clay Shaw. He is such an idiot -- as are many other political persons in Florida, including our governor, who is shrewd and dishonest.

Joyce Wacks

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