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DeDiego wants to foil your Monday-night plans.
Colby Katz
DeDiego wants to foil your Monday-night plans.

Miami. In fiction, it's the scene of Scarface, Miami Vice, and CSI:Miami. In real life, it's ground zero for drug crimes and murders, for all things beautiful and seedy. No one knows the city's dirty underbelly better than Edna Buchanan, crime writer extraordinaire. The Pulitzer Prize winner, a former police reporter for the Miami Herald, now writes fiction exclusively. Today, she talks and signs copies of her new book, Cold Case Squad, at Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore (273 Pineapple Grove Way, Delray Beach). About her work, she has said: "Nobody loves a police reporter. The job can be lonely and arduous. I have been threatened with arrest, threatened physically, had rocks thrown at me. I've gotten threatening letters, subpoenas, and obscene phone calls, some of them from my editors. It is tiring, haunting, and truly wonderful." The event is free. Call 561-279-7790.

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