Letters June 3-9, 2004

Once a commission candidate, always a critic:

This guy loves that grasshopper-like pastime: Thank you for the interesting and colorful article on cricket, lovely cricket in the March 11 issue of New Times. It's a great sport, sadly overlooked by American audiences. I am what the West Indians call a "Continental," an American fortunate to have lived in the U.S Virgin Islands (St. Thomas) between 1990 and 1999. I developed quite an interest in the game, which is in itself interesting, as I am certainly no sports nut. I attended local matches and got friendly with some of the natives (originally from other British islands), who patiently explained the game to me. Of course, the West Indies was the hometown team at that time, and I still follow it. (I was totally thrilled by Brian Lara's 400-run batting record against England in Antigua on Sunday and Monday.) I am quite interested in the local cricket scene, but unfortunately, my work schedule keeps me from being able to attend any of the local weekend matches (so far).

I do hope that the facility planned for Lauderhill comes to pass -- I certainly support it and would love to see some world-class matches. I have one question: Does anyone know of any local pubs, bars, restaurants, etc., that show cricket on their satellite or other TVs? I could always find a local bar in St. Thomas where I could enjoy an ice cold Heineken and watch the West Indies play whomever... In Fort Lauderdale, however, it seems all the English and Irish pubs are obsessed primarily with soccer. Anyhow, I'd love to find a place where I could go to watch some cricket matches from time to time.

Thanks again for the coverage and publicity the sport needs in this country. Once you get a feel for it, it truly is a "lovely" game.

Eric Gawain

Fort Lauderdale

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