They Work Hard for the Money

Atlantis Playhouse's plucky production of The Life conjures the poetry of the lower depths

Bagby and Gray: Times Square, sweet and sour
Bagby and Gray: Times Square, sweet and sour


Music by Cy Coleman; lyrics by Ira Gassman. Presented through July 11, Call 561-304-3212.
Atlantis Playhouse, 5893 S. Congress Ave., Atlantis

Never mind, though, because this Life is a big, gutsy gamble for the tiny Atlantis and a one-of-a-kind chance for area playgoers to catch a fine show in a fine production. If audiences turn out for The Life, perhaps the Atlantis may find a new identity as a purveyor of neglected musical gems. They certainly have got one going on now. Oh, right, what was that about Wayne Gretsky? The Hall of Fame hockey great is credited with a wise epigram we all should keep in mind: "You can't score if you don't take a shot."

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