Justice Grounded

Roddy, baby — you're clean. Honest!

Since his last arrest in October, Lady Justice has passed Wolfer like an undigested cherry pit, and the Scheherazade of fraud has returned, again telling merchants that he owns a software company, though he's temporarily short on funds.

When Tailpipe arrived at the hotel around 10:30 a.m., the handcuffed Wolfer was telling arresting officers that he was a guest (false) and that he wasn't on probation (wrong again). He then handed over the key to a spanking-new, lust-red Mini Cooper S that was sitting in the parking garage. As an officer inventoried the car, the astounded Berger piped up: "Those are my razors" and "That's one of my pool towels." Wolfer also had toiletries from other hotels and a copy of The South Florida Home Book.

It turns out that even before coming to the hotel, Wolfer had talked himself into a posh downtown apartment. Employees at Styline Furniture say Wolfer had schmoozed with them while picking out $41,721 in furniture for his apartment and the mansion he said he was building on the beach. "Maybe I have three or four martinis invested in him," Styline owner Jeff Wasserman said. "Thank God nothing else." Wolfer was charged with trespassing and obstruction. He curtly declined to talk with the 'Pipe. "Don't even bother," he said.

Dear Mr. Prosecutor Man, Let the Fat Man go. 
Free Rush!
Dear Mr. Prosecutor Man, Let the Fat Man go.

Free Rush!

-- As told to Edmund Newton

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