Cleaning It Up

Not-so-cute Place Names

Lawmakers didn't intend for the law to be used to tax home computers, insists Chris Hart, spokesman for ITFlorida, which represents the state's technology workers.

Everybody knows how much Jeb cares about making the state comfy for high tech innovation. When last the 'Pipe heard, the bill for the proposed new Scripps Research Institute campus in Palm Beach County had already raced past $1 billion.

"On the one hand, we're promoting innovation and claiming to be a partner of high-tech," Hart says. "On the other hand, we're taking actions like this."

Missing: One Hot Movie

Fahrenheit 9/11 was number one at the box office nationally its first weekend, and around here it drew around-the-block lines, not only at indie-oriented Sunrise Cinemas but also at national theater chains AMC and Regal.

But at the poshly appointed megaplexes of Muvico, the Fort Lauderdale-based company that is among the most profitable in the industry, Fahrenheit was nowhere to be found.

Blue-collar filmmaker Michael Moore's opus has drawn the apoplectic opposition of the far right, most notably from a California-based organization called "Move America Forward," and some theatergoers wondered whether Muvico had succumbed to those conservative machinations. But the company says the absence of the hottest film around is due to something else. Muvico spokesman Jim Lee says the company would love to show the proven money-maker, but that it can't reach a deal with Lion's Gate, the film's U.S. distributor.

"We negotiated the week before the film opened, we're negotiating this week, and we'll negotiate next week," Lee said.

Exactly what the hold-up is, Lee declined to say.

Dick Westerling of Knoxville-based Regal says his company had no problems getting the film. "It was handled in the usual manner," Westerling said.

Moore, a fellow emissions-clearing pipe if Tailpipe ever met one, will come around soon. That is, if Muvico really wants him to.

-- As told to Edmund Newton

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