Letters July 22-28, 2004

Bad Fortune

I, and I believe most readers, could care less what the band's hairstyle is -- I'm interested solely in the music. Two lines are about the music, and the rest are Lamb going on about their lack of ponytails!? I can't believe the editor let it run.

Mike Moles

Fort Lauderdale

Liberation Song

Brian's song too: I'm not a Jamaican, but I am an African-American lesbian. I was so upset by Brian Williamson's killing. I got an e-mail about Jeff Stratton's June 24 article ("Gay in Jamaica") a few weeks ago.

I have co-workers who are Jamaican here in Fort Lauderdale, and at times, they are very rude and indifferent toward me. But this is not Jamaica, and we in Fort Lauderdale have laws to protect us. I am so concerned for the gays and lesbians in Jamaica that at times, I don't know what to do. I have friends who are gay and Jamaican here in Fort Lauderdale, and they are still closeted because of their family and/or friends. One day, liberation will come.

Sara Cofield

Fort Lauderdale

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