Perfecta Meets Prada

The old Gulfstream becomes a shopping mall

He has filed more than 150 civil suits, most against high-profile politicos like Janet Reno, Jeb Bush, and George Bush. (The court has declared him a "vexatious litigant," which means he'll have to post a bond to sue in the future.) And Lipner, who's now 20 years old, has hit the campaign trail for president. Sure enough, there's his name on the state elections division's database.

"I really think once my name is leaked out there, and I get media attention, people are going to vote for me," he avows. There is, of course, that small matter of a constitutional age limit of 35 for the presidency. No problem, Lipner says. He's filed a discrimination suit in federal court.


You're paying a lot more than $3.99 for that fast-food, double-patty, burger thing, the folks from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals say. Think of the costs in male pulchritude. All those hormones in the meat? Consume enough of them, guys, and you'll develop granny boobs. Hubba hubba. PETA's effort to dramatize the point in a billboard has been turned down by three outdoor advertising companies. So Tailpipe is pitching in to spread the word.

-- As told to Edmund Newton

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