Letters August 5-11, 2004

Gary Morton

Via the Internet

New Times a Stinker

Bradshaw has ethics: I read Wyatt Olson's July 1 story about sheriff's candidate Ric Bradshaw ("West Palm Heat"). I guess Olson didn't take the reporter's code of ethics into consideration for this story. If he were reporting for a legitimate news outlet, you would have to add a section to print the corrections for the false and incorrect information in your "story." Olson definitely confirmed my quote in your "story."

Michael Edmondson

Via the Internet

Editor's note: Edmondson is Palm Beach State Attorney Barry Krischer's chief spokesman and is now on loan to Bradshaw. He did not respond to numerous requests for comment for the piece.


Bob Norman's July 14 story, "Hospital Giveaway," incorrectly referred to Nova Southeastern University. It is a not-for-profit institution.

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