Road Rash

The Heatseekers braved bad smells, raw nerves, and limp hair on the road

The evening's host was Kim Fowley, the rock 'n' roll producer/writer best-known for creating Joan Jett's teenage girl band the Runaways. His shock of white hair, coupled with a black suit with a white collar, made him look like a lecherous priest. He handed me his business card before we went on, then introduced us to the crowd. Our ten-minute set was over before we even had a chance to get nervous.

The Aftermath: The rest of the night was a blur of sweat and vodka tonics. At the end of headliners Rocket from the Crypt's set, the judges announced Muck and the Mires and the Blackouts as the winners. This seemed fair; the two bands are solid representations of each side of the garage rock spectrum. Now they're off to play another ten-minute set, this time at Little Steven's International Underground Garage Festival on Randall's Island with the Strokes, the New York Dolls, and Iggy and the Stooges.

Terra gets a "massage" from the Rev. Kim Fowley.
Chuck Loose
Terra gets a "massage" from the Rev. Kim Fowley.

After oversleeping our checkout time by an hour, we were on the road again, ending our tour on Sunday in Brooklyn. We were back in familiar territory, playing at the aptly named Trash Bar. It ended up being the best show of the trip, and we left New York at 3 Monday morning with an extra boost of morale. Our MTV interview, however, was nixed.

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