Darker Horses

For Rodstrom and Dunlap, all's fair in local electoral politics

Local political consultant Ron Gunzburger is skeptical of the allegation that Rodstrom has forged an alliance with Oliphant, since the commissioner has never been one of Oliphant's apologists. But if Dunlap brought in Trafford to close the primary, says Gunzburger, who is not working for any of the candidates in the commission race, it wouldn't be the first time a candidate has used the maneuver.

"In the past, some candidates have been up-front about it, saying, 'Yes, I did it. I don't think Republicans or Democrats should vote in a primary,'" he says. "Then you have others who look around and try to pretend they have nothing to do with the write-in candidate. Maybe that's the case in this race."

In the end, voters will be the ones manipulated during the August 31 primary if indeed Rodstrom is using McKinzie to split the vote and Dunlap countered with Trafford.

Dunlap: When do we talk about the county's future?
Colby Katz
Dunlap: When do we talk about the county's future?

Sleazy politics?

"It may well appear that way," Dunlap answers hesitantly.

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