I enjoyed your review, but I want to correct a misconception you expressed that probably came from the New Yorker magazine this past February. The Aryan Brotherhood does not "control" any aspect of the U.S. prison system. Neither does any other nonuniformed group, gang, or band. The Department of Corrections perpetrates this phony illusion of gang power solely to keep the prisoners at one another's throats. Every prisoner in the entire U.S. prison system is under surveillance at all times. Guards give the go-ahead for rapes and murders as favors or punishment. Murders usually originate at the top -- or at least with the consent of those in charge.

The New Yorker mentioned Tommy Silverstein. He is one of the DOC/BOP's poster boys to justify "cruel and unusual punishment." Silverstein has been in total isolation in the basement of Leavenworth prison for more than 20 years. His murder of a guard named Klutts took authorities by surprise. For three years, Klutts had been taunting Silverstein and ripping up his artwork. The prison should have moved Silverstein from that tier.

I am glad that you chose to review Carandiru. Hector Babenco is a giant in the world of film. Thank you.

Carol Strick

West Palm Beach

You'll be hearing a lot more about this: I wish there were more reporters like you. Please continue to dig a little deeper on things with the Scripps project ("The Great Slurp," Eric Alan Barton, June 3). I think there is more to it than meets the eye.

It seems Palm Beach County is in for some projects that don't follow logic. Natural gas pipelines, ARS wells, and Scripps are all tied to the Bushes in some interesting ways is all I get from the county. And agencies such as Army Corps of Engineers, SFWMD, etc. That's a good question? Well, guess what? I want some really good answers, and all I hear is stuttering or evasive lies. Please look further. I hope you continue on this story; it's not quite finished.

Alex Larson


Remember That Sewage Deal?

And while we're talkin' about politics...: Congrats to Bob Norman for coming up with the line that "even when the [Hollywood] commission is dealing with raw sewage, it still reeks more than anything else in town." Obviously, Commissioner Keith Wasserstrom, who got his uncle, Arnold Goldman, a sales job at Schwing Bioset, the company that was awarded the city's sewage treatment deal -- even though it charged Hollywood almost $15 million more than Florida-N-Viro (who should have gotten the contract) -- has a big conflict of interest ("Justice Revised," May 20, and "Ooh, That Smell," April 15).

And so it goes in Hollywood, the "Diamond on the Coast," where the taxpayers get screwed again by a "gem" of a City Commission -- the same group of cafones who all were reelected! And Mayor Mara? What would you expect but her stinking hands all over this screw job... er, ah, "deal." Her son is Wasserstrom's law partner (how cozy!) and, as Wasserstrom said, "Her son is involved. The problem is that anything that inures to my benefit also inures to his benefit. So since they [Mayor Mara and his law partner] are family, she has the same conflict."

In closing, as not all the commissioners voted for this rancid deal that screws their constituents. I must applaud Commissioners Peter Bober and Fran Russo for not getting sucked into this Hollywood cesspool! To those who "recused" themselves -- but argued for Schwing Bioset -- and to those who voted for them -- you stink!

Harvey Slavin


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