Other grounds that he could be impeached upon include the deliberate inclusion of religion in government in defiance of the Constitution. The fact that he said he goes to the father up there or whatever when he needs advice is appalling. I don't believe that's whom people thought they were voting for. We expect our leaders to consult with other well-informed human beings before taking huge actions like going to war, not the "god" of their own choosing! In any other walk of life (outside the clergy, for some reason), the belief that one can talk with imaginary beings is considered mental illness. But born-agains get a pass? That pass may work as a social good (tolerance) but should not be available to the president of the United States. Also, it is believed he is on strong antidepressants. That seems actionable too.

Ivy Hamlin

New York City

Then There's That Colombian Guy

He doesn't like drugs anymore: In regard to Bob Norman's column "Contra Campaign," (September 23) [former Colombian cocaine cartel leader] Carlos Lehder wrote to me for two years from various federal jails. Lehder is very interested in the Bible, even though the press says he's a murderer of hundreds. He escaped from federal prison and yet continued writing me letters.

Like your interviewee, Felix Rodriguez, Lehder considered John Kerry an enemy. Bush is equally hated by Lehder. For the truth on the two presidential candidates, if you are ready for it: They are third cousins, they both attended Yale, and they are members of Skull & Bones, meaning they both serve Satan. They are not Christians.

Christina Kanas

Kansas City, Missouri

Lori's Defecation

Is from the hills: Thank you for your great article about our amorphous county mayor ("Our Mayor, the Lobbyist," Bob Norman, September 16). It leaves me confused to some extent. After months of Commissioner Parrish telling me that Bill Markham was responsible for overdevelopment in Broward, I am stunned to find out that it could actually be the County Commission, not the property appraiser, that not only allows projects to proceed but actually lobbies on behalf of developers.

Could it be that Commissioner Parrish has been slinging a bunch of Northwest Arkansas chicken sh!t?

Name withheld by request

Via the Internet

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