Vote Interrupted

Were the absentee ballots lost or stolen? Either way, it's a crime.

Shortly after the 2002 mess, Salas was transferred from elections to the Miami-Dade medical examiner's office. Then Snipes whisked her back into the election spotlight. I asked the Broward elections supervisor last week if she knew about Salas' past and of the many charges that she was incompetent. Snipes seemed genuinely taken aback.

"No, and we haven't had those experiences here," she told me with an astonished smile.

I asked her if she really hadn't known about the Miami-Dade problems in 2002.

Count the ballots. Now.
Michael McElroy
Count the ballots. Now.
Michael McElroy

"I was more familiar with Broward," she replied.

Considering Salas' history, the loss of all those ballots doesn't seem so surprising. Throw in all the intertwining GOP connections and anything seems possible. Whether it was caused by cluelessness or criminal minds, Broward needs the truth. And it's going to take more than a Jeb Bush brushoff to get it.

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