The Ludicrous 12 of 2004

Sure, it was the year of Bush/Kerry. But here are South Florida's really big stories.

Stork Swan Dive

When Jim Stork announced his candidacy for Congress at Brasserie Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale on a breezy March 18 evening, he became the Great Gay Hope. A 37-year-old bakery owner and former Wilton Manors mayor, Stork told voters that he was ready to challenge popular Republican incumbent E. Clay Shaw. He even had the money to back him, having raised more than $1 million from a network of gay donors and the wealthy acquaintances of his boyfriend, 70-year-old Democratic Party bigwig Ronald M. Ansin. But then something happened. On August 19, Stork said he was taking a hiatus for medical tests. It ain't HIV, aides assured. Then, on September 17, Stork dropped out for good, claiming to have some serious but nonfatal heart condition. Unfortunately, he dropped out too late to be taken off the ballot, effectively screwing the Democratic Party that embraced him for his money and good looks. Heart condition? Sounds more like Scaredypants Syndrome.

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