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WED 19

Matriarch: the new Spice Girls
Matriarch: the new Spice Girls

When you're female, you sometimes worry that a seven-foot-tall stranger in leather pants and a wife-beater might push you into a dim bathroom, ask if you like to party (a.k.a. snort some white, powdery substance), kiss you against your will, and then lift your foot to his face and lick your sweaty toes before finally leaving you alone. Yes, we speak from personal experience (this actually happened), and statistics show that this sort of thing is not uncommon. According to one study, 51 percent of women over age 16 have been victims of attempted rape. That's why students have organized a "Take Back the Night" rally at Nova Southeastern University (3625 College Ave., Fort Lauderdale), from 7 to 9 p.m. tonight. Call 954-873-7243. (DF)

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