Acid Again

As LSD does a slow fade, a Fort Lauderdale researcher keeps the science trip going

Cutlip, Kilmer remembers, was handed an eight-year sentence for his role to distribute LSD. As the agent says without a hint of regret, "That's heavy-duty time for a kid barely out of his teens." According to Kilmer, Cutlip didn't own much besides his sheets of acid, "just a skateboard and backpack. And his 450 Grateful Dead ticket stubs. That meant more to him than anything in the world."

With a disapproving tongue click, the agent scoffs, "He didn't even consider [LSD] to be dangerous."

These sort of tales inevitably sour Lyttle's temperament. To him, the biggest hazard of taking acid is the danger of jail.

Blotter artwork
Thomas Lyttle
Blotter artwork
Thomas Lyttle

"Thousands of people are sitting in prison," he huffs. "If anything, we're moving backward in regards to [legalization], and I don't really see the lawmakers changing their positions."

Then Lyttle remembers his role as a scientist.

"I'm very careful not to condone or promote anyone breaking the law," he says. "But if anyone should decide to experiment, my role is to provide them with accurate information."

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