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WED 23

The School of Rock is all about metal shop, dude.
The School of Rock is all about metal shop, dude.

Fort Lauderdale, get ready for an earful -- a sonic kick in the nards, if you will. The Thick as Thieves Tour stops by tonight at Revolution (200 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale), and it's perhaps the club's most brutal show to date. The tour is headlined by Orange County, California, mosh rockers Atreyu, whose latest disc The Curse is a scattered assortment of rock, metal, and (sadly) alternative. It's got some balls, but it doesn't rank up there with the less melody-friendly Scars of Tomorrow, which runs closer to the Hatebreed side of rock. Still more aggressive is Unearth. But the harshest sound comes from the band with the fruitiest name -- Norma Jean. Maybe it's compensation for sharing a name with the Grand Ole Opry star, but this Atlanta-based five-piece plays some seriously heavy shit. You've been warned. Tickets cost $15. Call 954-727-0950. (JB)

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