Letters for February 17-23, 2005

Maybe his single is called "Don't Know Me" because you really don't know him! It's not all about the beaches and oceanfront scenes and shit. It's a whole 'nother life on the other side of that bridge. You should go and see.

I've seen Mike West around and about with a couple of artists like Daz, Luke, the Outlawz, even Trick Daddy. Let me ask Mr. Z a question: Do you come to the 'hood?

Won't you go and seek out Mike West and get the real deal rather than write a bullshit review on him and his single? Do what writers are supposed to do: Go get the real story!

Kevin Blade

Fort Lauderdale


The Tailpipe column of February 10 misreported the relationship between Knight-Ridder, the Miami Herald's parent company, and the Knight Foundation. The two are independent of each other.

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