Magnificent Moths

"I'll tell you, this is one of the thrills of my life," she said. "To think that people are fighting for the right to display this."

Tailpipe's rusty heart sputtered a bit, but the emotion just wouldn't flow. Let's face it, folks, this is one heavyweight eyesore. Maybe Jim and Pat would like to set up the damned thing in their backyard in Texas?

Newsbox War

Mark Poutenis

You remember the tale of the missing advertising tabloid dispensers owned by Milton Weiss, publisher of the South Florida Real Estate Guide. He doggedly hunted down his dispensers on New Year's weekend, he says, finding them in Polk County -- appropriated, he insisted, by his former business partner, William Keeler, of Port Orange.

Not so, says Keeler, who has now filed a restraining order claiming it's Weiss who has the sticky fingers. Keeler sold franchises to Weiss and two other men to publish the Digest of Homes in late 2002. But the three men severed the contract in 2004, a case that's still in litigation. Keeler claims the renegade franchisers made off with many of his boxes at that point, and he says they have been damaging and stealing others ever since. It's he who is the victim here, he argues.

The worst assault came on November 23, Keeler asserts, when he and his business partner were investigating damaged boxes in Broward County. "I got a call on my cell phone," he says, claiming an unidentified man told him, "You have 12 hours to return to Daytona or we'll kill your family and start with your 14-year-old son." He immediately headed north for the rest of the weekend.

Weiss says he's guilty of nothing but declined to elaborate on specific allegations. "This will all be settled soon in court," he declared.

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