Letters for March 17-23, 2005

At one point, I noticed a heart around the letters SB on Jeff Tweedy's guitar. My friends all teased me that it was for his love of Summer Blanket, and I will die believing that might well be true.

Keith Michaud

Via the Internet

Two Story Terrific

2SD-What? I have to say, Maggie-Margret's January 20 piece on Two Story Double Wide was right on target ("This Trailer's Rockin'"). My band, Curse Icon (www.curseicon.com), has been next to their warehouse for two years. This was a brilliant article. It was well-written and right on target, describing the absolute essence and vibe of 2SDW.

It was a great piece of work. I loved it.

Marco of Curse Icon

Delray Beach

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