It Came from Outer Space

Dance Planet X's electro goth dance finds a home at Ultra

As the vodka loosens her tongue and the long version of the Eagles' "Hotel California" comes on, Monserrat launches into a conversation about poet Anne Sexton. "She didn't start writing until she was 29. All she needed was one person to validate her as a writer -- to say, 'Hmm, this is good.' That's all she had been waiting for her whole life, and that's very true of all of us. We only need a few people around us to believe in us to really make us blossom." Once the band finally touches down at Ultra, it should be in full bloom.

That Monserrat mystique: Ire "Girl" Montijo (left), Monserrat, and Eric Dez
Colby Katz
That Monserrat mystique: Ire "Girl" Montijo (left), Monserrat, and Eric Dez


Tickets cost $60. Call 305-358-7550.
Ultra Music Festival 7, which starts at 11 a.m. and rocks for 13 hours straight on Saturday, March 26, at Bayfront Park, 301 N. Biscayne Blvd., Miami.

Also playing Ultra is Dynamix II, a West Palm Beach duo that is one of Florida's first and most influential electronic acts. David Noller and Scott Weiser came together in 1986, right after Noller had released the seminal "Give the DJ a Break" on Miami's Bass Station Records. These days, as electro seeps back into hip-hop and rock 'n' roll, their sound has come back into vogue. They'll play a warm-up at Nocturnal in downtown Miami on Thursday night alongside other breakbeat luminaries like the Autobots, the Breakfastaz, Aquasky, and dozens more. Then on Saturday, it's on to the main event.

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