Pink Elephant?

A calendar call for his murder trial is scheduled for April 8.

And the Dog Ate My Homework

According to the March 24 Miami Herald: "Early-morning Tri-Rail commuters ran into delays this morning caused by atmospheric conditions. Cloud formations blocked the radio signals that are used to dispatch the trains, said Bonnie Arnold, spokeswoman for the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority, which operates Tri-Rail. 'It's basically a matter of the way the clouds line up,' Arnold said."

Here, from New Times' own weather pages, a look back at other recent atmospheric effects:

SOLAR FLARES: January 18, 2001 -- They're believed responsible for the disappearance of Rilya Wilson, insist Department of Children & Families officials: "They're so bright, they just make kids really hard to see."

TROPICAL STORMS: September 10, 2002 --Lightning and high winds are the suspected cause of voting irregularities, county elections officials claim: "Absentee ballots just hate thunder."

SUNSPOTS: March 27, 2005 -- Radio station ZETA abandons rock for new "Hurban" format, blames Spanglish switch on "those pesky sunspots."

MAGNETIC FIELDS: March 29, 2005 -- Eighteen hundred registered sex offenders are missing; a Florida Department of Law Enforcement spokesman explains: "When those durn Van Allen belts come loose, we tend to lose a few."

-- As told to Edmund Newton

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