Folk Me Hard

Antifolk antihero David K connects the New York underground to South Florida

It's this healthy dose of ambition -- not to be confused with careerism and the commitment to song and community -- that K is hoping will spread to South Florida. "When I came down here, random people would sign up for their slot, then get out," K says. "Then I created the Antifolk Songwriters Open Stage at the Lounge in West Palm, and I changed the mindset. I controlled the list so that nobody knew when they were playing. You stayed and talked with the other songwriters. For me, it was about bringing a sensibility."

And for the June 1 show at the Bamboo Room, K wants to bridge the gap between New York's established antifolk scene and South Florida's loose-knit community of songwriters.

"Keith [Michaud] is the best fucking songwriter around," K insists. "He's brilliant. If he were in New York, he'd be at the Sidewalk performing."

Folk this: Joie Blaney, a.k.a. Dead Blonde Girlfriend, at Manhattan's Luna Lounge
Folk this: Joie Blaney, a.k.a. Dead Blonde Girlfriend, at Manhattan's Luna Lounge


Wednesday, June 1, at 9 p.m. Tickets cost $7. Call 561-585-BLUE.
Bamboo Room, 25 S. "J" St., Lake Worth.

And the Freakin' Hott, one of the harder-rocking bands in the area (which includes occasional New Times contributor Maggie-Margret) -- how do they fit?

"As a group, Freakin' Hott is a rock band," K admits. "When they play as a duo, they're antifolk."

If it all seems loosely defined, perhaps that's by design. As Blaney says, antifolk is all about inclusiveness. And if the bill at the Bamboo Room exposes Paleface fans to the Freakin' Hott and vice versa, K is happy.

"I'd like to see the scene here get noticed, that there's something happening here," he says. And as in New York, K has a support network. "[Bamboo Room owner] Russell [Hibbard] jumped on this. He wants to do this whether he makes money or not. And Rodney [Mayo] is sponsoring the show -- and he's a club owner! It's a community down here."

K smiles, which makes him look a lot less like Bob Dylan, who never smiles. "I love my life," he says. "I'm getting together all my friends from up there and all my friends from down here. All of a sudden, I'm a music promoter."

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