This Week's Day-by-Day Picks


Mark Poutenis

The small performance area inside the Lounge (517 Clematis St., West Palm Beach) is usually occupied by midtempo bands that don't turn it up much past seven, let alone anywhere near ten. So let's hope a fuse doesn't blow tonight as the Sloppy High-Fives rumble through a set of high-speed, beer-stained rockers. Big on guitars and with a heavy nod to the Supersuckers and Turbonegro, these guys make the Hives sound like Herman's Hermits. When the 'Fives sing "Bring me that medicine" in the song "Established in 1874," you know they're not talking about TheraFlu. Hit the sauce with the guys tonight as part of "Wormhole Wednesdays." The free show starts at 9 p.m. Call 561-655-9747, or visit (JB)

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