Source of the Problem

Accountability is still hard to find in hip-hop

When you practice, do you mean your stage show?

"Yeah, we practice our show too... We not the Backstreet Boyz; we more like Miami hood dance with it."

It seems like you guys have a different flavor from the other R&B groups.

"See right here, I got cachet. Everybody in the group got cachet," said Slick 'Em, who claims Trick Daddy as an influence. "You could say I'm the rebel. I'm the wild one of the clique... commercial thug."

"I bring the love," Pleasure said.

"I'm on the business grind all the time," said Baby Blue, who is starting his own clothing line, Marco de Bleu. In New Edition terms, he's the Michael Bivens of the group.

"I'm bringing the sexiness to the group, the dancing," Spectacular said. "Make the ladies scream. That's me."

In February, Atlantic Records signed Pretty Ricky to a major-label deal via their father Blue's management company, Blue Star Entertainment. The kids then proceeded to knock out an album, Blue Stars, in record time for a May 24 release date, just in time for Memorial Day weekend.

"We got a couple of joints for the ladies," Pleasure said. "We got a couple of joints for the dudes."

"We all about the ladies," Baby Blue added.

"Make sure you add that we make feel good music," Spectacular said. "We trying to bring slow music back to the club."

"We made a 'freaky' album and a 'clean' album," chimed in Baby Blue.

"It's still clean, though," Spectacular said. "We're making feel-good music." -- Mosi Reeves

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