Starry Starry Night

Great sets. Cool lighting. The pacing's a little slow.

The moon: A changeable cast
Buehler Planetarium
The moon: A changeable cast
Buehler Planetarium.
Buehler Planetarium.


With planetarium talk by Cory Zimmerman and stargazing with Arno Van Werven. Visit, or call 954-201-6680. Presented through June 19
Buehler Planetarium and Observatory at Broward Community College, 3501 SW Davie Rd., Davie

An entire generation -- those who came of age during Studio 54, when that shaft of light from Andromeda was a mere 150 trillion miles away -- may associate planetarium with Pink Floyd laser-light shows. Don't be part of that. There's a solid reason to go to the planetarium now, regardless of the cheesy Light Years from Andromeda (you won't have to wait long for a new show to replace it). The trip is a reaffirmation of scientific reason, where the hard work of Galileo and Kepler still have cred even within a progressively stronger anti-science America. Take a deep breath while you can, before the intelligent-design fanatics take over. Who knows what's next? They might tell you that Copernicus was wrong and that the sun revolves around Earth.

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