An' Jushtiss f'r All!

The Luckiest Perps

Jose Silva, 28, of Wellington, heavy equipment operator.

Why he was stopped: Three out of four of the tires on Silva's Ford pickup were flat when cops pulled him over on Northlake Boulevard in West Palm Beach on the morning of March 20, 2005.

What he said: Silva admitted to drinking five or six beers. There was vomit on the outside of his driver's door.

Machine results: .117 blood-alcohol level.

Kurt Jagers, 27, pro surfer.

Why he was stopped: Jagers was doing 75 mph on Military Trail in Boca Raton when police pulled him over November 2, 2004. Jagers had sprayed himself with cologne, but he still smelled of liquor.

What he said: Jagers said he'd spent the last three hours "chasing ass" at a few bars and had "maybe" a couple of rum and Cokes. When asked how he had drunk them he replied, "By straw."

Machine results: .184 blood-alcohol level.

Shultz Cesar, 27, salesman.

Why he was stopped: Cesar couldn't stay in his lane, or in any of three lanes, on Lake Worth Boulevard, at about 4:30 a.m. November 2, 2005.

What he said: Cesar admitted to having a glass of wine at the Tuxedo Restaurant. But police thought better when they saw that Cesar had a previous conviction on his record for leaving the scene of an accident with a death.

Machine results: .150 blood-alcohol level.

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