Letters for October 6-12, 2005

Gary Weaver made the choice to enter that business, and he knew the risks. The fact that he apparently kept it a secret from his wife is another choice he made. His poor choices cost him his life and left her "wondering" what happened to him. Put the pieces together, Donna. He was a drug runner who paid with his life. There was no government conspiracy or corrupt agent to blame -- only Gary himself.

J. Brown



In the September 22 issue of New Times, a story reported that Shooters owner John Wile is facing prosecution for bookmaking and conspiracy to commit bookmaking based on transcripts of a cell phone call that was recorded by the Broward Sheriff's Office in a larger investigation of a gambling ring based in Atlantic City. The story indicated that Wile is a minor figure in the prosecution and that he denies any wrongdoing. The story also cited Wile's litigation history, including a lawsuit he filed against former employees Mindy Thaler and Irving Perrone, whom Wile accused of embezzlement with the use of a sham corporation. However, the story incorrectly attributed to Thaler's attorney a claim that the corporation had been set up to provide for Perrone's retirement. In court documents, Thaler and Perrone actually claimed that the corporation benefited Perrone's handicapped child. The story further stated that in regard to another lawsuit, Wile had pulled Shooters advertising from a publication, Around Town, after Around Town published a negative review of his restaurant. In fact, a Shooters employee, not Wile, had pulled the restaurant's advertising before the negative review appeared. Also, Wile moved to South Florida in 2000, not in the 1980s, and purchased Shooters that year, not in 2002. New Times regrets the errors.

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